Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finishing at Home and coming to Stanford

A few things happened yesterday, but none of them were super exciting.

I ran a bunch of errands at home. I got the smog check done for the minivan, I got a haircut, I returned my travel DVDs to the library, I returned Monty Python to the library, I cleaned dishes, I wrote in my blog, and I read British history. I also cleaned the garage a bit, cleaned my/Edden's room a bunch, packed for coming to Stanford, and paid the periodontist a visit. Exciting, right?

The story behind the periodontist: I need some gum surgery from a combination of bad genes (dad's side) and overbrushing the outer part of my upper right gum line. Now the roots of, more or less, three teeth are exposed. The periodontist wants to take tissue grafts from either the roof of my mouth or a pig and put them over part of the exposed parts of my teeth. That way, the roots will not be exposed, and my gum will use the grafts as a matrix to grow back over the exposed areas. It is actually a much less serious procedure than it sounds. Apparently the whole surgery takes about an hour, and I could have had it done that day. Instead, I am waiting until the summer, since it is not in any way an urgent procedure. So, I'll deal with it later.

After playing some Civ IV and eating some dinner, I was out the door and in the car, until my dad realized that he did not have the key to my grandfather's Maxima. I thought I had left it on the key hanger, but it wasn't there. We spent close to an hour combing the garage, driveway, and house for the key but couldn't find it. Eventually we gave up and I just drove down to Stanford. I haven't heard if they found it.

I got down to Stanford in time for the second half of AEPi rush for the night. The event was pretty cool, with N64 games, burgers, DDR, and a blow-up game of Twister. Sadly, there were very few actual rushees. I have no idea where they were. Overall, the night was a mild success. We saw a bunch of the most important rushees, and we had a pretty good time too.

Then, I headed over to Yost, got my stuff set up in my old room, and went to sleep. I am now going to sleep in my new bed arrangement. Ben got rid of my bed frame, but kept the mattress. So, I'm sleeping on the mattress, which is on top of what used to be my desk and what is now my temporary bed platform. It's a bit weird, but sleeping next to the window is also kind of nice.

OK. Ben is asleep (or trying to sleep), so I'm going to get off the keyboard.

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