Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful Day with Tea and Shabbat

The weather yesterday made me think I might never have left Stanford, it was so sunny and warm. It made it a great day for lounging outside in our courtyard with Nina, Merissa, Heidi, and Elizabeth while reading about the social history of London. 

A bunch of us went down the street to "The Rose" for afternoon high tea. 

From right to left: Shannon, Nina, Molly, Heidi, Victor (my roommate), Elizabeth

Later in the day, I took a nap that ended up lasting a couple hours too many. Oh well. I got up in time to go to Rabbi Daniel's house for Shabbat dinner. I recognized a couple other guests from Passover, but there were a bunch of new people this time. The dinner was really nice, but the Rabbi seemed a bit under the weather, so we all left relatively early.

Three of the guys, Craig, Danny, and Dave, were all Americans from Brandeis and Brown. After dinner was over, they invited me to join them and their British friend Henry at a pub, so I did. As it turned out, Henry was a real Oxford student studying physics. He even knew my tutor, Christopher Palmer, and really likes him (Good news!). The bar we went to, Wetherspoons or Four Candles I think, seemed decent. I was surprised at how much cheaper it was than the US. Anyway, we had a good time. They invited me to go to a club afterwards, but I declined. Maybe another night.

That is all.

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  1. You're roommates with Victor! yay! that's awesome. Victor and I know each other from TCS :)