Sunday, April 24, 2011

Punting, Some Jazz, and Football

In the morning, a group of us, almost the same group as went to tea a couple days ago, went punting on the river (the Thames, I think). Punting is similar, I imagine, to riding on one of those Venetian gondolas. It was another gorgeous day, worthy of California, even.

In the other boat were Molly, Maricarmen, and Victor.

And Elizabeth was punting.

That's Me and Nina.

Also in our boat were Shannon and Heidi. Heidi is ducking oncoming branches like a pro.

Ducklings! and their mother.

In the afternoon, a lot of us went to see Professor Applebaum talk and perform at the Oxford Jazz Festival. He gave a sort of introductory lecture on what jazz improvisation is and how improvisors think about it. It ended up being a bit boring for me, since I used to play a lot of jazz back in the day. It was nice listening to him play, anyway.

Around 4:30, probably close to 20 of us got together for a game of football (by which, of course, I mean soccer) out on the scenic Christ Church Meadows. I think everyone had a lot of fun, so I'm hoping we do it again soon.

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