Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back at Stanford for a Continued Spring Break

Being back at Stanford feels great - particularly because I have no work. Camp Stanford is simply the best. I spent an hour or more yesterday just contacting all the people I have to see before I leave - particularly the graduating seniors I know.

In the afternoon, I took a nice walk around campus with Aurelia. She told me about some crazy vacations in Cancun and Las Vegas. She also told me how she learned a lot from preparing for the LSAT even if she never took it. Also, she may or may not be an alcoholic in denial. We set up a SPOT reunion picnic on the Oval for next week since this is the last time all of us will be on campus. Aurelia doesn't know yet what she will be doing with her life, and she may even return to lead another SPOT trip next September. We ended our walk by just sitting on the bough of one of the old oaks next to Lake Lagunita, which is now filled with water by the recent rains.

When I got back to Yost, Ben and I went on an alcohol run to BevMo to get stuff for the Yost progressive at night and some random stuff for stocking Ben and Ashley's rooms.

After BevMo, it was on to Slav, where Chris and Eric Karpas had invited me for beer Sundowners and dinner afterwards. All sorts of friends were there, and it was great to just talk and chill with all of them (over beer, of course). I had a nice dinner with Ashley (who was also invited by someone), Eric, Chris, and Patrick (Eric's roommate) out on Mayfield Playfield.

The festivities continued with the beginning of Shabbat. I went to go pick up the three Atkins siblings, Ari, Zohar, and Shira, for dinner at Rabbi Kamin's house. When we got there, what we thought would be a small, intimate Shabbat dinner turned out to be a pretty large affair. Probably a dozen other guests showed up - Erica, Jacob Stern, Dakin, Chen, Jordan, Gelbart, a guy named Peter, Lindsey Funk, Janet, Josh Bowman, Ben Lubkin, Jacob Kouvacs, and probably a few who I'm missing. The dinner and the company were great. The Atkins family is particularly great, and I look forward to spending some time with Zohar when I get to Oxford. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Erica and Ari for the dinner. I was really glad to spend a bit of time with them for the first time in too many months and to hear that they are both doing very well. Look for Ari's custom-made guitars to be in production within a year.

After dinner at Rabbi Kamin's, I went back to Yost to catch the last half of the progressive. The party moved to Ben's (used to be my) room almost as soon as I got there. We served some decent pina coladas, though we still have tons of rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice left. Then the party kind of spread out all around the second floor. I enjoyed talking to people, from Yost and not from Yost, I hadn't seen in a while. Though Oxford will be awesome, and I'm sure the people there will be great, I will definitely miss Yost at the same time. It's a fun place with good friends.

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