Friday, April 22, 2011

Bodleian, Pasties, Class, Moo-Moo's, Crepes, and Harry Potter

Yesterday was another string of fun times.

We had to be out of the House at 9:15 to go to our Bodleian Library Orientation. The Library itself is cool, but the orientation was one of the more boring things I have sat through recently. The only good part about it was that who should I find assisting our guide to the Bodleian, but Jodie from my Air Canada flight! After filling out some paperwork and pledging an oath, we got our Bodleian Library access cards. The first thing some of us did was go to the Radcliffe Camera. At first, it was kind of underwhelming. The ground floor was just a round study space with a few books on the walls, and it wasn't very big either. However, the second and third levels up were much fancier and more impressive. There is pretty great view from the third level windows. The whole place was filled with people studying, so we didn't stay long.

Later, Noura suggested that we go get Cornish Pasties for lunch. (I didn't know what these were either.) (Funny story - Noura knows a lot about cool places to go in Oxford because, in high school, Noura went on a summer program called "Oxbridge Academic Program" in Oxford. I really really wanted to go on the program to Cambridge, where they teach an international espionage course after my sophomore year of high school. Long story short, I didn't get the scholarship and couldn't go.) So, a bunch of us - Noura, Morvarid, Merissa, Chase, Heidi, and I - went to get our pasties on Cornmarket Street. I would describe pasties as very similar to calzones, but with flakier bread. I got a chicken and mushroom pasty. The inside was a kind of warm, stewy mush of chicken chunks and mushroom sauce. It was delicious.

I also had my first class today - History of London. We went over the main structure of the course. Then our professor proceeded to summarise British history as it is relevant to the city of London from the beginning of Roman interaction in 55 BC to the growth of feudalism and guilds up to around 1300 AD. It was really fascinating stuff, and I really like the professor so far.

After class, another even bigger group went to go get smoothies and milkshakes at the famed Moo-Moo's over in the covered market (next to Ben's Cookies). I had a delicious milkshake with ground up Ferrero-Rocher truffles in it.

At some point, someone in that group came up with the idea of making crepes for dinner. It was a brilliant idea, so a bunch of us decided on it. We bought the stuff we needed and brought it back to the Stanford House. The hitch was that none of us knew how to make crepes. It took a while, but we figured it out with some help from the internet. We made savoury crepes with tomato, mushroom, spinach, basil, four cheeses, and sautéed chicken. Once we figured them out, they were really good. Special props to Lisa for working the griddle so masterfully and feeding around ten of us. Afterwards, we also made crepes for desert. We had nutella, nutellla and banana, apple and nutella, and apple and honey. So so so good.

The night ended with Harry Potter. About half of the Stanford House joined together to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (yes, the British version), but with a college twist. Some people made a list of 10 or 15 things that happen throughout the movie, and we drank every time they happened. For example, we drank when Ron looked scared or when Hermione huffed. It made for a good night.

And that is all. I will post more pictures when I have them.

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