Sunday, May 22, 2011

Restaurants and Emails

Yesterday, I went to two restaurants in the same day. I mention this because this is not typical for me at all. In fact, I don't think this has happened in Oxford before.

First, Merissa invited me, along with Victor and Molly, to Edamame, a Japanese restaurant, for lunch. I had the best miso soup I have ever had. It was a giant bowl of miso broth with chicken, noodles, and veggies. Sometimes these Asian soups are really bland, but this was delicious.

Then, for dinner, I went out with Victor, Molly, and Heidi to a Thai restaurant on High Street. It was decent, but they were all in a rush to get back to the house for the 6:45 episode of Dr. Who. I had chicken pad thai. It was fine.

For a while I felt bad about eating out twice in one day, but today I realized that I still have plenty of my meal allowance money from two weeks ago. And we're getting more money tomorrow. Considering we traveled to Edinburgh last weekend, I'm wondering how I managed to spend so little over the past two weeks.

The other thing I did yesterday was answer a bunch of emails, many of which were from AEPi pledges. It came to the end of their pledge period, and, as every year, they scrambled to get their meals with all of us. (If you didn't know, every pledge is expected to get a meal with every active AEPi brother. There are penalties for each meal missed.) In my case, a "meal" is basically an email exchange where we introduce ourselves to each other. After several weeks of pledge and several weeks of hardly hearing from any pledges, I got half a dozen emails over a few days and responded to them all yesterday. That took up a bunch of time.

Other than that, I watched Dr. Who, and, as you might have noticed, also spent a sizable amount of time catching up on some blogging. I'm in the process of writing several more necessary posts about my last couple weeks of life. They are not yet ready for posting, though.

Oh. And I did some [academic] work.

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