Saturday, May 21, 2011

2nd History & Architecture of Oxford Tour

This post is a bit late. We did this 10 days ago, on May 11. This class visited Merton College, the first of the Oxford colleges, and New College, which set a sort of standard for collegiate architecture in the centuries to come.

 The quad at Merton College.

The chapel at Merton College.

The outside of New College. The wall next to the parked cars is part of the original city walls. That means it dates back almost 1000 years.

The quad at New College.

Our tour this week was led by David, our TA. Around him are Eric (looking up), Libby (in the back), Anthony (can't see his face), Minsuk (looking down), and Lily (looking away).

The dining hall at New College.

The chapel at New College.

Ceiling of the chapel. Note the winged angels.

Particularly nice stained glass in the chapel.

Cloister of New Chapel.

In the quad, looking towards the library of New College.

From left to right: Lisa, Minsuk, Lily, Tara, Eric.

The storefront of my favorite deli.

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