Friday, May 6, 2011

Mainly Work

Yesterday, I had my second tutorial with Dr. Palmer. In this tutorial, we covered the physics of the Helium atom (far more complicated than you might think, but why don't YOU try solving the 3-body problem?). We also went a bit into atomic transition selection rules and the L-S coupling approximation.

After I finished that, I went on to revising my research grant proposal. The VPUE requested that I resubmit a proposal with more discussion of peer-reviewed literature. I finished that and resubmitted it. I'll be mad if they don't give me the money.

After I finished, I watched the third episode of Game of Thrones with Victor, Mollie, Heidi, Elizabeth, and Maricarmen. They're really into this show, but I spent most of the episode trying to understand what was going on. They say this episode wasn't as good as the others, so I promised to watch at least one more.

**Teaser: I went in to London today, so I have a bunch of photos for tomorrow's post.

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