Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day! and more work

I had hoped I would spend yesterday at Blenheim Palace or some other cool, touristy place. Or maybe I would at least go to Salsa Night at Wahoo. Nope. Too much work.

My paper for History of London is on answering the question, paraphrased, To what extend did Renaissance architectural ideas in the 17th and 18th centuries change the face of London? My answer: in some ways, a lot, in others, not so much. Don't worry, my actual thesis statement sounds better. Over the past couple days, I have learned all sorts of terms and names that will surely be in this paper. Examples: Palladian, Neo-Classical, Baroque, English Baroque, Serlian, Doric, Ionian, and Borrominesque. There's plenty more where that came from. (That came mainly from London: An Architectural History by Anthony Sutcliffe if you were wondering).

The other thing I did yesterday was talk to my family back home. It took a while to get Google video chat up and running on their end, but they figured it out. (Hi Mommy and Abba and Edden! I love you. And you're probably the only ones reading this.)

And then I wasted a lot of time writing a blog post that was too long when I should have gone to sleep.

**Plot spoiler: Today was pretty similar, minus the call back home, some errands, and some TV. I should take more pictures.

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