Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wide Awake at 5:30 am

I put myself in my bed hours ago, but I'm even more awake now than I was then. The sun hasn't quite risen yet, but it started getting light about an hour ago. It's so bright outside that the sun might as well be out. The sky is a light gray, and all along the eastern horizon is a yellow glow.

I'm not sure why I'm so awake, but I can easily think of three good reasons. First, I am not physically tired. I haven't done anything appreciably athletic in a couple weeks other than walk some. Second, studying has kept me up this late a few times in the last couple weeks. For a string of days, 5 am was my average bedtime. I thought I was past that though. Third, my head has been reeling with all sorts of thoughts. Many of them are things I need to put in the blog. I don't want to do it now, but I figured I would post now the topics of the posts I need to write eventually. This way, if I forget to write about them, you can remind me later. Particularly if you you find something interesting (whoever is reading this).

Questions university students, at Stanford or not, should be asking themselves
Great conversations
The makings of a the best days
Reflections on recent discussions with Kendra, Nina, Lynnette, Kelly, Hanz, Heming, Laura, Aileen, and Li (definitely not getting to all of that)
Summary and reflections on late night discussion with Victor
Remembering my really long talk/debate with Ben in the fall
Possibilities for life after Stanford
Writing a book with Aaron Anderson/Where did Aaron Anderson go?
Oligarchical blogging
Getting old
Marriage and kids
Remembering Bronfman, the best and the worst of
Developing self-control
My opinions of Oxford students
My 11-step method to winning at Life
The correctness of my 11-step method to winning at Life

PS - It's close to 6 am now, and I'm getting up to go to London at 8. Fun times.

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