Friday, June 3, 2011

Remember that last post...

So. Funny story.

After I typed that last post,  got in bed and fell asleep soon after, around 6 am. Next thing I know, I wake up naturally. I check my watch. 9:00 it says. And my train for London leaves at 9:01. I  burst into a few expletives, wonder frustratingly why I am such a stupid dolt, ask Victor what I was thinking, stuff my face in my comforter, and then scream for a couple seconds in really tired, exhausted exasperation.

And here's the funny part. Victor tells me that he remembers my alarm going off at 8:00, me getting out of bed, me going over to my computer, me turning off the alarm, and then me going back to sleep. What was I thinking? Why would I do that? I had no memory of this, which is very bizarre to me. Now I'm not sure if I remember it or not. I can certainly imagine how this would have happened, so I can see the scene play in my head. But I'm not sure if that's memory or not. Very weird. Anyway...

Everything turned out fine. I threw clothes on, power-walked to the train station. I should have gotten there right in time, but-

I arrived at the train station, got through the ticket machines, and my watch said 9:29. As I run up to board the plane, the worker closes and locks the door to the train. Apparently my watch is 1 minute slow, and they lock the doors 30 seconds before the train leaves. So I just stand there in disbelief for 30 seconds while the train sits there mocking me. As it leaves, I turn around and start kicking a concrete pillar, because that's about the most productive thing I can do at this point. And, did I mention?, I'm really tired.

Eventually I ask one of the workers there the best way to get to London. I get on the 9:43 to Reading. On the train, I ask the guy in the seat behind me what to do next. He tells me to transfer to at Reading to the Paddington bound train. We end up sitting together on the next train and chatting. Turns out he's a student at Keble College in Oxford. He's studying theology and philosophy. He also missed his train to a doctor's appointment in London, so I felt a bit better about myself. He got the appointment, for eye surgery I think, pushed back an hour. I didn't get his name, but he was really nice. Maybe I'll see him around Oxford.

So I catch my trains. I only made two stops - Reading and Paddington, so I think I got to Paddington at about the same time as the Oxford-Paddington train would have anyway. I get on the Underground at Paddington, find my way to the group (this whole time I've been texting back and forth with Agnes, Aileen, Alexis, Elizabeth, and Lynnette to figure out where I should meet them), and, apparently, I barely missed anything. I got to our first real destination, a Hawksmoor church on Brushfield almost right after the group did. I even walked in to the church with them.

So - more or less - happy ending. The rest of the day was really good too. Save that story for later, though.

Now. The same drill with Bath tomorrow morning. Time to go to sleep.

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