Friday, June 10, 2011

Tortoise Wedding Poem

I meant to post the transcript of this poem ages ago. Here is the poem that the "poet laureate" of Corpus Christi said at the tortoise wedding a month or so ago.

The Tortoise-keeper sheds a single tear
The Spring has come! That bless├ęd time of year
When tortoises are wed, for Foxe and Oldham
Have found short stumpy arms in which to hold ‘em.
Behold! The blossom drifts upon the breeze
Its soft confetti falls from verdant trees -
Nature’s children all are shedding
Silken tears – begin the wedding!

For the purpose of the gathering of denizens of Corpus
Is the sweetest kind of marriage – matrimony of a Tortoise.
The JCR’s brought Alex in to give the pair away
For the marriage of two tortoises (even if they’re gay)
Is one the College venerates and President endorses
So let the wedding-feast begin! And sing: “Here comes the Tortoise!”

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