Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Radcliffe Science Library Paper

I spent all of yesterday and today until 2pm researching and writing on the Radcliffe Science Library. When I've figured out how to transfer the paper to Blogger, I'll post it (not that I think anyone is reading these).

I wrote  the paper on the History and Architecture of the Radcliffe Science Library. The assignment was to pick a building, any building in Oxford, research it, and write about it. I chose this one because it looked cool, I go to it a lot, and it's not one of the really well-known buildings in Oxford. As it turns out, it's even less known than I thought. There was hardly any information available on its construction and my friend Hanz, who's a real Oxford student, didn't even know where it was. (But that makes some sense, because he studies English). So my 3+ page report on the building is, to my knowledge, now the most impressive account of this building in existence. There was a really nice librarian who helped me find sources for my research. I think I'll write him a thank-you card and print out a copy of my paper for him. He might actually find it useful. As far as I can tell, nobody has ever bothered to publish this much on this building before.

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