Thursday, June 9, 2011

The End Approaches

Earlier today, I realized that the end of the quarter is right around the corner. I have approximately two weeks left in this place, which may or may not be nearly enough time (but that's nearly always how these things go, I find). That said, I feel like I have done quite a lot with the time I have spent here so far, so I think, when the end of this term comes, I will be satisfied with the quarter. I can't say the same for every other quarter at Stanford. I have seen some great things, I have learned some fascinating things, I have challenged myself in a variety of ways, I have had memorable experiences, I have met wonderful people, and I have grown in ways I cannot yet put my finger on. I don't think I can ask for too much more than that. I can say all of those things now, and my quarter is not even over.

Still, I'm not done here. Today I made a list of the things I want to do over the next 14 or so days. Basically, I'm planning on putting the pedal to the metal for a couple weeks, and then sailing off to Ireland on June 25ish. Here's the list:

1) Finish school work (~10 days worth)
i. Hartree-Fock problem set
ii. Quantum Theory of Radiation problem set
iii. Jews in London research paper
iv. Pubs in Oxford research project (more on this later, probably)

2) Visit the Lake District (happening almost for sure next weekend)

3) Show Lawrence around
i. London
ii. Oxford

4) Make Ireland plans

5) Pack everything

6) Find place to store luggage

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