Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Day with Lawrence

Lawrence and I didn't do too much yesterday. We had kind of a lazy morning by ourselves, as my mom, brother, and dad all went to school or work (or both, in my mom's case).

I spent a lot of the morning responding to emails I just got. The day before, I posted a notice to the Bronfman Fellowship Alumni listserve saying that I was going to Oxford. I got about ten different responses from people telling me about what I should do there or asking to meet me while I'm there or telling me how to get in touch with the Jewish community there. It was awesome and helpful, but required a lot of time to respond to. Now I know three people I have to meet up with there, not counting the Jewish chaplains, Rabbi Daniel and his wife Hannah, who I am now in touch with. I also have some ideas for cool things to do and see in Oxford and invitations to sedarim for the first two nights of Passover.

After I took care of all that, Lawrence and I went to one of my favorite Mexican places for lunch, Mi Pueblo. We followed our burritos up with a nice hike in Helen Putnam Regional Park, one of my absolute favorite places in Petaluma, or the world for that matter. After days of rain and gray weather, it was sunny and beautiful out, as it should be. The park was gorgeous. All the spring grasses are up and bright green. The hawks were out, looking for food, I suppose. The horses and cows in the surrounding farms were out eating the new, fresh grass. The California Poppies have blossomed. In Helen Putnam they are a perfect orange color. We hiked all of the main trails (the park isn't too big), and so did a dozen other people we saw. Yesterday was definitely one of the busiest times I have seen the park. We had some incidents with a flooded trail on the way out of the park and possibly some poison oak, but we got through it fine (I think - the poison oak rashes may not have shown up yet). All around, great hike, though. I wish I had pictures to post. I think I'll go camera shopping today.

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